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Positive Energy

Our Works

To create seminars in different parts of the world so people can
absorb positive energy and use it to better their lives.


Energy is one, but the higher the dimension and frequency of its channel (person)
the more powerful the emanation of energy. Many people have the ability to transfer or "emanate" energy
through their hands, any way is effective but with different results. Those who have the ability to emanate through their body
can transfer a higher amount of energy to others, the percentage is much higher and effective. As of today, only 3 couples
in the world have this ability and its only done by couples, soulmates, its the strongest channel of energy, based in Love.

These Who posses the ability to emanate through their body have a bigger channel and emanate with great strength
creating faster and more efective results.

Positive energy counteracts in people the negative energy that they may possess.
This Positive Energy is emanated through the most sensitive and delicate areas of the body
and complemented through the pores of the skin, therefore the ones who
receive it will be absorbing it in a very direct and effective matter.

In the moment that this energy penetrates a person the feeling is special, of wellness
and satisfaction and after a while a great sensation of interior strength and power, althought different
organisms have different reactions and the expiriences change.

Emanation of Energy

Those who receive the emanation of Positive Energy from somebody that has the Pure White Energy
will soon begging to invert their negative actions to positive actions, providing themselves with a
better quality of life, for themselves and those around them.

Its not magic, you must focus the energy you recieve towards a
specific goal, its like charging a car with gasoline, your body is the car, you fill it up and then you aim it towards its destination,
You are responsible for your own change once you are given the tool.

This emanation of Positive Energy
can be done in an individual matter or in a group.

Sexual Energy

Sex is a taboo word for many, because we forget we all come from the very union of two people.
The highest generator of energy, for positive or for negative is sex. For positive of course its LOVE.

This is called Sexual energy for the very simple reason that the energy is emanated from the
intimate areas of the body of the person and generated through the spiritual union of love of two soulmates.

The following photos explain which areas of the body of those who have this ability emanate from.
The stronger energy is projected from the red triangle which is where life is created and the yellow circles.

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