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Addictions and Energy



Have you ever wondered why out of millions of people entering rehabilitation centers only 20% got a succesfull response?
When you treat someone with medication and try to get their physical body cleansed But you dont clean their energy is very likely that the person will fall back into the addiction. When a person attends a rehabilitation center they are putting their own will and power to overcome their problem, they  create their own positivity. But the physical and mental effort is so big that the deterioration from this never completely overcomes the negative influences they have within. Very few people have the mental power to do this alone, the rest fail... unless they somehow get positive energy.

We have had hundreds of cases of young people and adults with addiction problems. Most were unaware they had any problems or any negative influences, until they live the big change after receiving positive energy. They dont relize this because since they are so used to their lifestyle, it has becomes normal, even though they seem to be going nowhere and doing the same thing for years. Alcohol, drugs, porn, gambling, and others are all part of these addictions.

Most people dont realize they have an addiction problem, they simply start consuming to cover their loneliness and their problems uncounciously. Especially adolescents who have not yet found their way. Alcohol and drugs lead the person to a higher state of mind where they forget everything, the "high" they get actually causes the person to open up spiritually up to a point of vulnerability and get invaded buy negative energies around which are attracted because of the negative action of consuming itself.

The more the person is involved in an addiction the more negative energy is going to occupy their body, up to the point where you can not live without this consumption because your body becomes dependable of it, then you are in trouble.

People who are taken in time and are "cleansed" of negative energies and filled with positive energy have left 99.9 percent of their addiction in the first two weeks, lowering dosis little by little until they dont want any more, they start to naturally REJECT it.


How, Why ? VERY SIMPLE !
Because you have no influences of negativity to endulge you into it anymore, you are once again, yourself and in control or your body.
You will REJECT any negative actions and start acting positive in your life again.

Extreme cases

If the person is lost in alcohol or drugs to a point where they suffers physical illness and deterioration of the body where it simply if they dont consume they have phsysical side effects, it means that negativity has already served its purpose in the person and now its just their body deteriorating. Positive energy can only give strength to make this person better or stronger, but it is extremely difficult for them to really leave the addiction because its already something their body craves to be working. You cannot undo a physical change, you can only help mantain it.

(extreme cases)

  •   Addictions to: Drugs, Alcohol, Pornography, Sex (Brothel), Gambling, promiscuity, bad habits

All these are treated the same way. Once the person is full of positive energy they immediately begin to reject things that are no good for their life. You will begin to bring positive people and change friends around you, your environment will change as do you.

You get the opportunity to Change your course of life but you must have the strength to mantain it and stay away from bad company.

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