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change the world

So you want to change the world?

Changing the world isn’t only about donating to charities or giving food to the poor, or standing up for what’s right, or trying to change others. It’s about changing yourself.
For every positive person and every positive family generating constant positive energy in the world there is a help already on its way to those in need or those suffering.
If everybody would try as hard to generate constant positive energy as they do to generate a good months pay then the world would have more positive actions than negative.
You think because you donated a thousand dollars to a charity this makes you a good person, or a person who is helping to change things? Of course it helps at the moment, but the change we need is forever, not momentarily.

So first aim your time and energy into finding yourself, your purpose, your happiness, your constant generation of energy. Then donate your money or time for those in need.
You know what you need to make you happy.

For some its love, for others it’s helping others, for others it’s following their dreams.

Find yours and you’ll be one in the millions of light bulbs being turned until we light up the whole world.

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