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Always rule out any medical reason if you might have depression FIRST. But then, learn reality
Pharmacys are not fans of reality in most cases where pills are NOT the answer IN SOME CASES, NEVER GENERALIZE

One of the first weaknesses of negative energy is depression. When you go through a difficult time in your life its normal as human, that we are, we become vulnerable, suffer depression. When you are in a state of vulnerability you are opening yourself up to any energy that might be wondering around you or friends with influences of negativity, so you are more than likely to absorb negative energy.  Depression pills are not the answer.

One of the best things you can do when feeling depressed is leave your home. Even if you are not in the mood to be active, at least be “lazy” outside, even if it means moving your couch or bed to the patio. When you have tendencies of depression you are more than likely to stay inside, watch tv, play games, eat, sleep, lock yourself in the room, etc, but you are not aware that every house, yes, even yours, is occupied by entities and energy, positive and negative. But when you go through depression or fights, often you are more than likely to attract these negative energies to your home unconsciously, but they invite themselves in because depression and fighting is something they relate to, its negative. So by staying inside and especially in the same room, that room you seem to be having trouble leaving is because the energies around you are influencing your depression to get worse, or the fighting to be more often.

Don’t take my word for it. Put it to test:
If depression or arguments are often happening in your home, see how you feel or how your relationship is once you are outside your house. You will still feel a bit down or still have some disagreements, but it wont be so heavy as it is when you are under a roof. You have already attracted negative energy around you, probably have some within you, as everyone does, but the problem is when it starts affecting your state of mind, your mood, your relationship, your life.

Negative energy will make you feel:
Lazy, pessimist, drowsy, careless, cold (non-lovable), messy, dirty, aggressive, loner, confused, depressed, with no purpose.
So find a hobby, even if it’s walking, or if it means joining a bowling team or sport, this will allow you to be under fresh air, helping to clear your mind and make you feel a bit refreshed instead of repressed inside a building.
If depression is something that has taken over your life and you are experiencing suicidal thoughts then you need to receive positive energy immediately before all the negativity inside of you ends up winning over you completely.
You have to understand when you are influenced by negative energy your thoughts are not clear, they are being invaded. You are not You, even though you feel that’s impossible. In the end you and you alone have the option to make decisions over your thoughts, but you must understand to distinguish the thoughts that are you and the thoughts that emerge from your negative energy.

Our mind is energy, so its an open antenna to receive messages any time from other energies, its up to us to distinguish which are right and which are wrong, which come from something positive or from something negative, but we must first understand this possibility to then take control of our decisions chosing the right thoughts and ideas.
Very simple and extreme example:

You’re depressed, going through a hard time.
You have thoughts of committing suicide. These to you are your thoughts, but you don’t know that they are being reinforced with anger and anxiety by negative energies within you and around you, these energies will influence you to go through with those negative thoughts.
Your mind wonders and your inner conscious will jump giving you thoughts of millions of reasons why you shouldn’t. (This is your inner self, the bit of positive you still left inside)

If you are cleanse from negativity you wouldn’t have these thoughts to begin with, but when you are filled with negativity you will find yourself confused over your own thoughts without understand what is happening to you, until one day those negative thoughts become a reality, with drugs, alcohol, any addiction, porn or even suicide. – So … who’s in charge ?

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