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This I wrote after a few comments of ignorance from a few people who judge others for their appearance.

When we are born we come into the world in a natural state, without material things, but to be liked in the society created by humans due to fashion and economy we adapt ourselves to not feel out of place. One of the biggest taboos for people is the human body. If we are, fat, skinny, tall, short, hairy, albinos, we lack this or we want to take that away. We live in a time were we focus in benefiting others and forget that the most important thing is us and whats inside; Our personal and spiritual growth. We are here to learn to live, to love, to survive, not to judge, to understand and above all to learn humbleness. Our mind have been adapted since we are little to see the body in a negative way, We have been re programmed to benefit materialism and the financial system.

We would never think negatively when seeing a naked baby, so what's the difference? The difference is in the negative action of some adults. We live trapped in a community of ideas where the mere talk about sex is seen as something frightening and inappropriate, where the breast of women are viewed sexually and inappropriate even when breast feeding, but everything is in the mind of the observer. We have forgotten our origins and although we wanted to move forward as a race we have declined on the most important things. We have advanced technology but declined in human values. A person is not valued for what it is, but by how much you have in your possession, or how little you have. The change in society and the perversion of the people regarding money and sexual degeneracy have taken everything to look different. A body can not be seen immediately natural because its compared to a sexual act. A sexual act can not be seen immediately positive because its compared to a negative act.

The human body is absolutely the world's most precious gem and our intimate body parts are the strongest source power for generating energy in the world. From there energy is absorbed and energy is generated, it gives life. We reject the words  penis, or vagina. There action of Sex or better yet, of making love is the most beautiful thing two people can share together. We are here to love, to procreate, we have been given the virtue of being able to create life, what better power than that.

Sadly generations have been declining, the taboo for families not wanting to mention those words in their homes, the conversation of sex was forbidden and not to mention naming body parts. Families thinking that by saying something is bad, they solved everything, when in fact that has caused the decline from generation to generation till today, the lack of information in homes. The Ignorance of some people who want to pretend they are decent by not talking about certain subjects and even pointing as negative the most natural and beautiful thing that this life has given us. The lack of information at homes is the reason for the increase of promiscuity and pornography, which have made human values decay, so everything in this topic now is widespread and seen as negative. One with the other is compared when actually naturism and pornography are two completely opposite poles. We must learn to set things right. Some people believe that by blocking themselves in their decency they can also cover up the negative actions of their past, because a large percentage of those who impose to naturalism are precisely those who have the most inappropriate thoughts and those thoughts are not born alone nor from one day to another. There's a need to have more innocence in adults, like the one we have as children, to cleanse our thoughts to set things right. Respect others.

The problem is in the mind. If you take a knife to cut your food it doesn't cross your mind that you are also taking a weapon with which you can kill a person. It is not in your nature to think about that unless you already have genetics of violence. When you face a naked person your mind does not follow those two things, it goes to one side or the other, it all depends on what you have been taught. Put a person standing naked in front of different kinds of minds and each will have their opinion. One will say that it is degenerated, the other will say it is natural, another will say it is exciting, but the person is not doing anything different, just posing. For others to see someone naked is not of interest, some might not be interested because they prefer tight clothing and the body completely covered so that they can imagine in their head what they desire, sexual imagination is the biggest food for indecency.

Anyway, it all ends in what each person wants to see and whats in their mind.

The human mind is the enemy of nature, because we have lost it to a financial society who teaches us to see everything in a programmed manner and are not leaving our mind the right to learn what nature has to teach us.

If people paid attention more to their inner selves and not material things, those in power will loose money, so you see... its really not convenient to allow us to change our mind that easy.


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