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Haunted houses

Is there such thing as haunted houses, were spirits live, does it affect me?

Do you suffer from constant depression, always tired and laziness at home?
These are questions that many people have when they don't feel comfortable in their
own home and think it's an illusion they are having. Many people have been
witnesses of shadows, heard noises, voices and even felt that somebody is
watching them or actually touching them.

Since we are surrounded by energy and are part of it is pure logic that in many
places there are other energies living among us, only without a physical body,
we have positive and negative 'spirits' (energies), entities. Some people have the virtue
to sense them or see them but they choose to ignore it so it doesn't interfere with
their mind and prefer to ignore it or live in illusion.

What many people don't know is that the discomfort they are feeling in their house is due
to these negative spirits that live among st them. The feeling of walking into
a room and feeling that the air is very dense, heavy, you get short breaths, feel trapped,
sleep uncomfortably and usually with nightmares, feel constant depression,
without any desire of doing anything only to stay in your house slacking and throughout
the years this has probably become more and more constant and even then
developed in an illness is mainly all because of these negative energies.

Many times the person starts decreasing slowing through the years, when really
all of their life they were very happy, positive, optimistic, traveled a lot, enjoyed things...
We are here to tell you NO... it is not because you are getting old!
Simply something is influencing you so you change the road you were in.  
Most likely that person is no longer the same husband or wife they were when they
first got married, if one person in the marriage is negative and the other is positive
its obvious that distance is going to start to occur because the negative energy
in someone's body will not allow for it to be with somebody positive if its not capable
of influencing him/her in any way, therefore it will try to make them
maintain distant romantically so they dont generate positive energy (love).

The negative energies that inhabit a house are usually there with a mission, to destroy.
They begin working covertly and slowly causing silly fights, aggression,
bad habits, addictions and even illnesses. When sometime in your life you go
through a point of sadness, lots of pain, sickness or depression you become  vulnerable
to the energies that surround you, they take advantage of the moment
and can start to influence you easily.

Every person can be affected differently by negativity, some people are so positive
and optimistic in life that they fight it off unconsciously with their optimism that generates
positive energy for protection, Others unfortunately
change their way of life slowly until they end up with addictions or terminal
illnesses, without knowing the reason.
In cases like these it's necessary to fill the house thats full of negative energies, With positive energy,
like filling a glass with water again. A space can barely be shared, you will always have energies around but the importance is which ones you have more of. Like people, we feel comfortable with people like us, if you fill a room with positive energy, the bad ones will leave and feel unwelcome, uncomfortable.
The great thing is that The change in atmosphere and air is detected immediately and the changes in life of the people inhabiting it will get better successively and visibly.
Things to keep in mind if your home has negativity:

Loud banging noises
Spontaneous Fighting
Spontaneous Rage
Constant Conflicts
Excessive Laziness
Feeling watched
Lacking intimacy
Rebellious acts
Constant illnesses

This was a 90 year old 3 story old house. Photo taken after second day of purification.
This photo represents 6 spheres of energy only in one small corner.
(we do not utilize objects, rituals nor prayers for house purifications,
simply emanation positive energy to occupy space)

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