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We are all here with a purpose, a destiny, a pathway that while we grow up it slowly starts to divide into two according to our decisions. Therefore, we all have two pathways in life, A and B. Some of us never even realize when we start changing routes, we simply live day by day and blame life for things it throws at us and complain about how unfair life is to some, thinking that’s just how it is and there is no other choice, leaving life pass you by and not passing through it. We all have the possibility of sliding off to pathway B, sometimes it’s not so bad, because it helps us reflex, value what we have and we then go back to our right path to walk it correctly this time. Unfortunately other times for some there are decision makings that make us change our path and we don’t even realize it, therefore we let ourselves be carried away by influences and bad decisions and once we realize it we are already way to deep. In this case the pathways are already too far from each other, making it very difficult or almost impossible to get back in track to pathway A. It’s like a tree, the tree is born from its roots, from there the trunk, then the branches, and every branch has smaller branches to break into. That’s our pathway. When we make an important decision we choose a branch from the trunk, in this case a pathway in life, either positive or negative, from there on you will continue to make the same type of decisions or change your mind and take a different route. So really, every decision has underneath it other two decisions, so on and so forward.

The bifurcation of the lines of life is presented in every single one of us. Maintaining the respect of our free will we own our life, our decisions, no matter the influences. When we are born we are all a bright white light, innocence, pure, but unfortunately this world called earth in which we are born in is neither. There is two options, the continuation of the light, pureness and innocence with which you were born with, with infinite possibilities or the add on to society, manipulated popularity, corruption and all sorts of pleasure from things crated by man itself.

If we are all born with the same type of matter, why are there so many differences between us?
It’s because lots of us have lost our true consciousness of our purpose on this earth and sooner or later at some point in our life (usually a difficult one), we find ourselves, confused and mixed in without an explanation of why we are here and what is our mission and more important, "what is my purpose?"

We wonder if we have been sent to learn feelings, like suffering, sadness, poverty, disasters, pain and why. Each one of us has something to wander and learn in this life, when we learn the little things we need to learn we will find a way to discover the answer to our purpose here, our mission. Because no matter how important you might be or how small you might see your life or purpose as, it’s always important and it’s a grain of positivity in the world, so you do make a difference.

Or do you think we were only sent here to make money? To survive? It almost seems like it… But what would be the point? To learn finances? Then the world would be looked down as: the school for incognito that only know to survive under the rules of others like puppets.

We are pressured by society in such way that we forget why we are here and what really matters. We are blinded by economy, debt, materialism. We sink into what is acceptable or not to society. Lots of people lose consciousness of love and replace it with money, those are the ones that in their last moments they end up lonely and sad, because unfortunately for them heaven doesn’t have a bank account or a VIP room, rather an evaluation of how your soul has grown, what you have learned and how you have overcome yourself leaving something positive behind, because in the end you have only been sent here as a passenger.

 Our pathways begin to part ways since we start to understand the world around us, when we start to learn up to when we are your adults. Those are the most important pathway decisions; they will make a significant mark in your life for your future. When we begin to have common sense and a relationship with the world around us we are constantly exposed to influences and to making bad decisions, this is when family roots play an important role.
The most dramatic change in pathways in life tend to happen in adolescence since this is a time to finding yourself, experiment, live and is when we are more exposed to go through situations with pressure and bad decision making because of the lack of information. Usually is difficult for a teenager to seek help at home if they don’t have a trust worthy communication with their parents, so when they are in doubt they will more than likely seek help with friends of the same age. Sometimes the simple fear of being grounded leads them away from a needed advice.
Teenage years are crucial to pathways because you may divert some or completely from a good path, without ever knowing what life had for you in the future. Because since you don’t get to live it, you will never find out.

Our possibilities of routing back really depend on how deep we have fallen into the world and its temptations. Some have been marked with very strong principles and values, this makes them go through adolescence with less scars, less negative experiences to carry along. Unfortunate for others, even just for the lack of attention at home, the influences that they make take into bad habits, promiscuity or delinquency is too strong, so it becomes extremely difficult for them to straighten up, this only shows the lack of guidance. These are people that without knowing continue a bad path sinking more every time and in many cases are the parents today that influence their kids unknowingly.

Nobody is perfect and much less during adolescence, therefore specially now a days it’s obvious that only a small percentage really will stay in their right path during that time and end up finding their true purpose in the future. The important things is to be alert of this situation and remember that while we are growing up, these pathways are growing with us and remember they will once be unreachable one from another. So if you are or have a teenager, remind yourself to always be in control of your decisions, to not be influenced into a decisions, if you chose to make a bad one, let it be because you thought so, not because others pressured you. Have control and be conscious that whatever decision you make will affect your pathways, your future. Of course, the less negativity you create, the better your future, because your youth will be the foundation of your adult life.

If you already are an adult and you realize your decisions might not have been the best ones, even though they might have seemed good at the moment, it’s never too late. Backtrack your mistakes and regretting them is something very valuable energetically, the more you regret an action where you created negative energy, the more positive energy you will generate by that regret to balance it. It’s an act of consciousness, an act of pureness, it means you want to be, do, better. The simple initiative of wanting to be better will be a good start.

"Your youth will be the foundation of your adult life"

"Nobody that invites you or tries to influence you into doing something that goes against your values and principles is your true friend"

- Jenny Scordamaglia

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