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Relationships & Energy

From the simplest actions to the most intimate ones in our relationship we are always generating energy for that relationship. We will discuss deeper into it below.
When you decide to be with someone, most importantly to spend the rest of your life with them you are also deciding to spend the rest of your life with their life choices and energies they are carrying, good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Even for those that decide to spend the rest of their life with someone who has generated a lot of negative energies in their life there is a possibility of overcoming those if there is real love, after some time. If you fall for someone with a great past, then you have better chances of a less bumpy ride.

For example; Let’s say you fall in love with someone with a troubled past, but of course love doesn’t see this, because it’s not important, so you get married, but then the normal thing that will happen is that throughout time things might get bumpy, very bumpy. But you don’t know why? Well if you generated 3 years of negative energy you will need at least 4 years of positive energy to balance it off. Everything has a consequence and none of us is exempt of it, it’s just the way of life, you just have to understand why these negative things happen to you, and unfortunately if you meet someone along the way, that person will have to live with you those consequences. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to find true love, those 3, 4 years of consequences will pay off to a lifetime of happiness. You just need to understand it, before you give up and back out.
This has nothing to do with religion, or beliefs, this is simply how things are weather you like to accept it or not. Its simple logic; if you spend a year lying and cheating on someone, what makes you think you deserve someone who won’t lie and cheat on you? Or someone who will make you lives a difficult time, and this goes for everything, not only relationships. Sometimes when people think they get away with things, they don’t understand they can’t ever get away from what they generate, from their own energies.

So, going back to relationships, let’s aim it on marriages.

You’re coming home from work, you’re exhausted and you just want to eat and go to sleep. But, you forget, you don’t live alone anymore. No, there’s is someone waiting for you at home that maybe isn’t tired or ready to go to bed but is ready to accept you with open arms and a warm meal. Normally the bad mood is blamed on the stress of the work, but you forget you shouldn’t bring work problems home with you, on the contrary, if you are married that person should be there to listen and make you feel better and you should know to do that and then appreciate that action. From these little things of lack of communication starts a misunderstanding that later on leads to couples generating negative energy without even noticing. The man that wants to be noticed more or appreciated more gets caught up on his own mind of ego and the woman who nowadays normally wants more independence forgets that things in life are done in pairs. That’s why there’s a man and a woman, if you want independence, don’t get married because the actions of independence only generates energies against your relationship, it’s an act of selfishness. That is of course if you got married for the right reasons and you have true love. Since this will be misjudged by many women, I ask you to be patient; we will discuss in another chapter something called "the shield".

When a man and a woman decide to get married and find love, the right things to feel are that you wouldn’t imagine one thing you wouldn’t want to do with your significant other, because you got together to pleasure and live life together, to share your emotions of every action of your life with him or her.

When you are cooking, doing laundry, touching your couples clothes, tiding things up, paying attention to detail,  man or woman, you are generating a type of positive energy, believe it or not, with these simple actions. These are actions that show and prove; you care. Don’t get too excited, it’s not that easy, this generates a minimum energy in your relationship, but everything counts. Remembering to get things for them at the supermarket that they like, mentioning them in a conversation at work or with friends, this means that you have them present in your mind at all times, again, your mind generates positive thoughts, those of love, another generation of positive energy for both of you. When you hug, kiss, caress, this is a sign of affection, another stronger source of positive energy, it shows and prove your passion for one another. When you make love this is all of those listed above put together, all of the feelings evolving together.

By noting this it doesn’t mean to have to start making love everyday of your life because this is not the point. On the contrary this won’t be beneficial, physically we’ll explain later why. But the point is, all of these little points of attention for your couple are extremely important when it comes to having a positive life together. So if you take just one thing of those away, you will start having a bumpier ride than you expected, because it all starts somewhere until for many couples, it ends in generating zero positive energy for them and finding themselves stuck after many years with no way out.
So you get tired of tiding up maybe, or taking care of the house, or even start being more cold in your actions where after a year or two there is no more real kisses or loving hugs, rather you just have the "hello dear", "goodbye dear" roommate style of kiss and go off to work, these are what I call the "commitment" kisses, I kiss you because I’m used to it. Some couples will blame it on the stress, on the work, on the kids and won’t realize when they start pushing away, when they do realize it is because it’s already too late. If you get married because of the excuse of having children you already getting married for the wrong reasons, there is no real love there and you will more than likely to end up getting divorce. Like the song says: first comes love, then comes children. But many couples, especially woman, forget that love came first, so they put their children at a priority, leaving the man unattended in every way.

How could you forget that the foundation of your family started with just two people? The love you generate together is and will always be the most important form of energy that will maintain your family together. Remember, you are building a family based on that foundation alone, unity, love. So the moment you turn away forget what holds it all together, is the exact moment things will start falling apart, in every possible way. All I can ever hear from couples is "but this, but he, but she, but, but, but". Really? Who are you "butting" for? There’s no one you have to make an excuse to but yourself, so really, there is no excuse. Unless you are in an out of the ordinary abusive relationship, which we will also talk about later.

But for now, for those who are still in chance of recuperating your relationship, know that the answer is really very simple; start over, start generating positive energy again in every level.
The more you fight, the more you will tend to push away from eachother and the more negative energy you build for each other, so then, the less affection you will have for one another until you have a full life of only generating negative energy for both of you. If you have to argue there is never a need for aggression and there is always a way of coming to a mature understanding, if you tend to get carried away by emotions, walk away until you have held yourself together. But if you have fought or argued about anything make sure you balance that by generating positive energy, by reaching that understanding and usually this means one of you will have to put their ego down, for the best of your relationship.

If you raise your kids in an environment without love you will have more of a possibility of them being influenced by negative thoughts in the future, like if they were vulnerable to negative energy and not strong enough to make good decisions.

Could you imagine if the whole world would understand the energy they were generating and started generating mainly positive energy? – Yes, huge change.

"Don’t ever forget to set your priorities right"

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