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Sex & energy vs. Love & Energy

Most of you probably read the title and already have it figured out but for most unfortunately you have never put it to though and for others they have it all mixed up.
I will always mention that in every topic for one to understand it you have to use your logic, that way you know you are not being taught something that is not right, and that’s a virtue we all have, our intelligence.

Why is the strongest generation of positive energy making Love?

It’s because you have two energies coming together in unity but mainly in feelings. Remember we explained earlier that our mind and actions generate energy? Well, our feelings are part of those thoughts and actions so they also generate energy. If it were only physical you wouldn’t be generating positive energy at all. Everything you do with a loving feeling you do generating positive energy and by this I’ll explain that making love doesn’t always mean penetration. So you can generate this high level of positive energy everyday if you wanted, without necessarily having sex. But when you do have sex with the person you love the penetration and climax you have creates a peak of energy higher than any other.
But what happens if you are easily distracted or even fantasizing about someone else, this will generate negative energy and this normally happens when a woman has a shield or a man is not happy with his sexual life, so just keep this in mind. The last thing you want is to generate negative energy without noticing you’re doing it.
Woman always say that men can sleep with whoever they want and not be affected and that that’s not fair. Well it’s not true. They are affected. Yes woman have a higher risk of consequences but men don’t get away with it either.

Every time someone has sex without love they are generating negative energy and if on top of that you add the action of aggression to sex and change of positions its duplicating the negative energy to a max a man needs to change positions because there is no feelings involved, so his mind works aggressively with nasty thoughts. Every peak of energy made in penetration is of negative energy. When there’s no emotional affection when two people have promiscuous sex they are degenerating the purpose of why man and woman were put on this earth, they are inverting things. Use your logic, if you have sex without love you are not having positive thoughts, on the contrary your thoughts are of aggression, careless, lust, temptation, pleasure. So all these things are things that might seem good for you, but do not generate energy that is beneficial for you, especially if there is lies in between.

For example if a guy asks a girl to have sex and is honest that sex is all it is and is clear about things and the girl accepts, in this case the girl will generate more negative energy than the man because he is honest and she is deciding to be part of this indecent act. But the man will still absorb the negative energy the woman is creating at the time of them having sex.
But if a guy misleads the girl into a false relationship and fake promises just so he can have sex with the girl then the guy will be the one always generating more negative energy and the woman less, but she will still absorb some of the negative energy he is generating for the both of them and be affected later with a shield.
So, if a guy is promiscuous at a young age due to the lack of guidance or simple instincts, by the time he is ready to settle down he will more than likely attract women that have also generated negative energies or woman that will not be good for him, as a consequence for his actions. In other words, we all have what we deserve, good or bad in some way.
There’s is people that say that sex is good for your health, for life, etc. So they have misunderstood the message.
YES, of course it is good, but with the person you love, not with anyone or in groups.

Despite the risk of illnesses, effect on the health and addition on a shield what needs to be understood is that sex is a peak of generation of energy, is two energies coming together forming an explosion, of good, or of bad. Sex must not be a taboo subject, it just needs to be brought back to the origins and purpose of why it exists.

Then we wonder why the world is so messed up?

A high percentage of people are generating constant negative energy and not even knowing it.

That’s why there’s that phrase: "Love is the answer"

If everyone stopped and started making love, waiting for the right one, then the world would be filled with more positive energy, it would be a definite better place.

"Love is the highest peak of positive energy created by human kind"
"Promiscuity is the highest peak of negative energy created by human kind"

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