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These energy spheres are personally charged So they require some time after you order them.

Our recommendation of use: Open Only when there is uncomfortness in the area, or if desired, every night.

For the Chinese balls:  By shaking them once or twice the vibration of the ball will actually radiate a strong amount of energy to the room.
Be aware these spheres do run out of energy depending on how much you touch them or allow others to touch them and how much negativity is in the house.

If you live in a rather positive environment we have seen spheres still be charged even after 2 years when being always opened. So it all depends on the environment.

If you feel your sphere needs to be charged you may ship it back and will re charge just pay shipping cost.
Positive Energy Charged Sphere
positive energy charged spheres
We only charge the shipping and for the candles. We only intend to help, because we have the ability to. Chose your product depending on your shipping need, International or National Flat rate shipping of 4 candles which is the maximum that fits the flat rate box. We do not charge for our services and time of preparation to charge these candles.

This will not completely resolve the issue if the situation is strong negatively but since there are people in need all over the world we figured this was the best way to reach you with our energy and lessen the problem. These candles will in a way "repel" for some time any negativity that is there,  It will definitely help you feel some relief for some time so the activity ceases and probably lessen it. Depending in your need.

You will place a candle in a specific spot you feel there is the most activity and turn them on for 5 minutes EVERY NIGHT. You will notice the flame will start to slowly move (with no air current). This is the energy being released working among st whats there. When done, wrap them back up in the aluminum foil they came in. You will burn the candle until there is no more candle left

If you feel its worked you are welcomed to leave a donation in the future and help us continue to help others and spread the word. Thank you
Positive Energy Charged Candles
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