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hola Jenny, estoy que no quepo en mi de alegría, me acaba de llamar mi hermana, que viene del oncólogo de mirarse aquellos dos nuevos tumores que le habían salido en los huesos uno en el cráneo y otro en la tercera vertebra lumbar y con solo la 1ª sesión de quimioterapia el del cráneo desapareció completamente y el de la tercera vertebra lumbar se redujo significativamente, tanto que ahora los los marcadores tumorales ya dan negativo, por lo que suspenden la quimioterapia y trataran lo que queda con una radioterapia ligera y reducida a la zona afectada y un tratamiento con calcio para regenerar la zona dañada. Los médicos no entienden lo que pasó ni como pudo reducirse tan rápidamente, ellos contaban con poner al menos 10 sesiones de quimioterapia. Yo si lo entiendo, tu energía positiva unida a la ley de la atracción. Si antes ya te debía gratitud ahora voy a necesitar 300 vidas para agradecerte              


3/28/13- Hi Jenny, Im Maya, from New Jersey. Im a big fan of you, you have changed my life and life of my family also.. We're from muslim family, and my Dad was against the freedom of women to an extend where one cant even decide what to wear what not to.. but ever since he started watching your show on Miami Tv, he get so obsessed with your show that now he gets happy when i dress like you.. i couldn't imagine roaming almost topless in my home and on beach.. but now i do, and im happy to see this change as he understands also that women dont need to hide themselves as God have made them beautiful. Love you for making a change in my life.. Xoxo..


I am so thrilled writing this letter to you right now.
Do you believe in miracles? Well I have started believing in them, cause it just happened!!
After our energy session yesterday I went home and prayed with all my heart before going to bed & I could feel my body going warm as I did it. I really concentrated and willed the energy I got from you to make a positive effect on my life.
I woke up this morning and walked into the office with a positive mindset in spite of knowing that it was my last day there (the contract job that I told you about). Around afternoon time when I was saying goodbye to my boss, something just clicked in his mind and he picked up his phone made a couple of calls and BAM!! an hr later he tells me my contract has been extended.
I am so ecstatic right now!! I am flying tonight and my flight got delayed by 2 hrs and that doesn't even bother me :)


I was thinking about what the world would be like if millions of people watched Jenny Live. People would only have sex for love, women would respect themselves and not be fooled by guys’ BS, guys would respect women and not BS them, there would be far less porn and drugs because people wouldn’t do it. People would be more positive and have better marriages. I honestly think there would be less debt and less crime and more respect, and even less war. People would be more at peace and would learn to be thankful for what they have, their job and their family. People would have the confidence to start more businesses and love more. Who knows, maybe politicians would be honest! I just think the world would be a better place. If they just listened to you their life would be better. I mean, if I found a cure for drug addiction or porn addiction (which I have!) why in the world would I want to keep that a secret? That just doesn’t make any sense to me. - Lee


"El otro día me preguntaron... ¿cual es la palabra más bonita a tu juicio? yo de momento no supe contestar se me ocurrían pocas y muy predecibles "gracias", "paz","felicidad" y cosas por el estilo. Pero luego viendo tu programa se me ocurrieron unas pocas más inspiradas en ti "empatía", "perdón", "filantropía", "diversión", "risa" pero sobre todo "AMOR" esta es por fin mi palabra favorita. Y tu me la inspiraste , porque eso es lo que tu inspiras con tu ejemplo, y es que constantemente ,nos das ejemplos de ello, yo creo que nos amas a todos; amas ala gente positiva, pero también a la negativa, perdonas a las personas y justificas su acción, como si se tratase de un hambriento que roba comida, este fin de semana trabajaste como una leona hasta quedarte sin voz, para divertirnos y sembrar positividad, y estoy seguro de que encima lo pasaste bien y te divertiste. Repartes AMOR donde quiera vas demostrando Amor a la humanidad entera (no, estoy mintiendo no a toda la humanidad solamente a toda la creación, ya sean animales, plantas o rocas). Estoy convencido de una cosa tu no estás hecha de energía como los demás tu estás hecha de AMOR.
" - España

"history will remember you as the one that started the change"

" Eres un agel guardian para nosotros los mortales"

"I've got some more good news for you!!!  A day or two after I last emailed you I had a very good experience with the Positive Energy and your seminars.  I was having sinus headaches and I could get the Energy to stop them but they would come back in an hour or so because the underlying cause was still there.  I had an immense amount of sinus pressure in my head even after getting the pain to stop.  So I decided that I would try to use the Energy to get better. I tried looking inside myself and gathering up as much Energy as I could and told it that I wanted the pressure to go away and the sinus condition to clear up.  Jenny as soon as I got that Energy to go into my head where the problem was, it cleared up immediately!!!!!  I have not had any more problems with it since. I have felt it try to come back but the Energy blocks it and it  cannot!   Jenny, this is wonderful.  No more sinus headaches! "

"Thank U thank U thank U soooooo much for not only interviewing sooooo many different people but Ur positive message. There R times when it all seems like too much: too much traffic; too many people; too many bad vibes; too much to do. But - somehow - U reassure us with Ur smile and beauty. I hope U continue to love life and inspire everyone who U touch with the wonder that is life"

For Jenny: "Last year, a portuguese newspaper wrote an article about you and Miami TV, regarding your positive message with style and, of course, your big cleavage.

"Thank you for all that you have done for me. You have seriously changed my life for the better!"

"Super interesante y descubriendo nuevas formas de vida para vivir con calidad Un super Gracias y sobre todo la naturaleza que inspira verte saber que en esencia somos espirituales y tenemos que mantener ese principio de vida y dejar de lado lo material"

" As You Are Our Angel Who Tells us what is Right & what is Wrong & Teach & Guide us to go in the Right Path

Jenny Live & You Really helped Me A lot  I Am Very Thankful To You for that - Jenny This is My Request Please Visit INDIA Once In This Year Or Coming Year "

"Hello Jenny , u have a great impact on me bcos frm last month i have stop taking drugs when u were discussing on the topic of drugs it was not easy but it has been more than a month i have quit it but there i got a new addiction and thts u the more i see u i feel better but that is better thn drugs thanks for changing my life as i feel as i got a new life"

"...It's not like you are a regular TV personality who just talks. You pour yourself out for others all the time. I don't think I can ever give back to you nearly what you have given to me, although I would like to think I could. I know you get tired of hearing it so much but you are awesome. You impact lives. That's awesome. "

"hellloooooooo jennyyyyy its lovely to see u always i m doing great u have changed my vision to see life.Now this world seems to be a better place to me than before thanks for all ur charm"

" Although I have “known” you for only a week you are already having a profound impact on my life. As you have opened your life to me I am reexamining my own, the way I judge people, my mistakes, my stupidity, regrets, and what I have done with my life. It’s an emotional journey and frightening to know that it might take me from my comfort zone. Sometimes my eyes fill with tears as long suppressed dreams, feelings and memories emerge. I am confronting myself, my past, my relationships, my habits and my attitudes and challenging myself to be more open, more honest, and a better person.

In short, Jenny, I have never known anyone like you. You are real; you approach life with an innocence and openness that is refreshing yet challenging. You drink from life’s river with enthusiasm and passion, determined not to miss anything that life offers. You make your own choices and don’t apologize for them because your motives are pure. You refuse to fit into anyone’s box.

I could go on, and maybe I will another day. For now just know that you are gently making the world a better place by the lives you touch.

" Hola Jenny, mi nic nombre es ----y resido de Lima Peru, soy sexologa desde hace mas de 10 anos y asisto a todos los congresos internacionales. Veo con cierta continuidad tu programa porque me parece muy acertado el tratar algunos temas y la forma juvenil y simpatica que lo haces ya que dices cosas que nosotros no podemos decir. Mi nombre prefiero guardarlo en el anonimato y soy fiel escucha de tus palabras..."

" Gracias por el video de la coraza, me pareció súper interesante, y se lo hice ver a mis dos sobrinas de 14 años María y Sara. (Deberían ponerlo en los colegios) Ni yo ni mis hermanos sabíamos nada al respecto y se hizo la luz ante nosotros "

"I have been addicted to porn for several years. I know your position on porn and I completely agree. So believe me I am not proud of it. For me porn was a release of frustration – like if I was starving and just ate whatever I could find – but in some ways it is a prison, but the good thing for me was there was no emotional attachment. One of my many "Jenny goals" is to stop watching porn. That will make me a better me.
Since I became a member and started receiving the energy regularly, I have stopped watching it. I just stopped – I don’t know how else to say it. This is within only two weeks. I don't understand it. I actually tried to go back and watch but I just had to turn it off. In my mind I see you sitting there with that gorgeous smile of yours and I can’t watch it. In fact I am wondering why I ever watched it. I feel like the desire is just completely gone – vanished overnight. Does this make sense to you? If you know what is happening to me I would like to know. Maybe it’s a chemical in my brain or just a dream but I swear the only thing that has changed in my life is you"

"First here is an example of how you are impacting my life and helping me to see people differently. This week a fat lady sat next to me on the bus. She took her seat and also part of mine. She pressed against my arm and my leg. We were literally “cheek to cheek” if you know what I mean. My initial reaction was “oh wow here is a fat lady she is making me uncomfortable”. But then I thought I bet that Jenny would say she is probably a beautiful person on the inside. If I had an honest conversation with her she may be a beautiful person.

So honestly does it really matter if she is beautiful like Jenny or fat and making me uncomfortable? The answer is it should not matter. If I am looking through the proper lens then it doesn't matter. I would just see the true beauty.

I guess the point is that if you take the time to look at people for who they are and not just how you are used to seeing them they look totally different to you.

So when I watch Jenny Live or some event that you are covering or whatever, I try to look past your amazing physical beauty and focus instead on your spiritual and emotional beauty. It’s very difficult because I am a guy and I am a visual person. Your beauty is what first attracted me to you. I want to see everyone that way. I want to learn to look past the fat or the skin color or beauty or the accent or the whatever and see the inside

Jenny Live is Magic....

I must say this for the last one year I watched your show & I must admit it that Jenny Live has helped me a lot in my Personal Life in a Very Good way & I have myself changed a lot now I am feeling Very Happy & Proud about myself, So Thank U Very Very Much Jenny You Are An Angel So Special Full Of Positive Vibes & Positive Energy which is Simply Outstanding :)  "

"I am trying to figure out why you are having such a dramatic impact on my life. I have thought about it a lot. Your honesty and transparency are forcing me to question a lot of things about my life. I am a smart person but when I hear you speak I realize I don’t know a lot about things that really matter. I have never known anyone like you and you don’t fit into any of my preconceived boxes (another one of my "Jenny goals" is to look at people as individuals, not as groups). But I think the reason you have impacted me so much is sometimes when you talk about things that matter like life and love, it is like a surgeon’s scalpel is cutting into my heart. I'm not saying you are mean; I'm just saying truth can be painful. It’s up to me to accept it or reject it. I didn’t realize it before but I have a lot of suppressed emotions and disappointments that I just sort of learned to live with. Now I am feeling emotions and regrets long buried in my heart. Sometimes when I watch you I start to cry. Or I will be driving to work and just start to cry just thinking about it. I never really cried much before. I had no idea this was going to happen, it took me by surprise"

" Vemos tu show en compañia de varios amigos y amigas. Gracias por hacer un programa como el tuyo, es único e impresindible para mi, mi familia,  y quienes esten con nosotros al momento de emitirse. Que alegria saber que contamos contigo para ver de una manera diferente nuestro paso por la tierra "

" Just a few seconds in the emanation i felt a really nice feeling up in my chest!!! My heart felt so relaxed and nice!!!  I could actually feel the energy that you were sending when you closed your eyes and held your hands out!!!!!  It was amazing.  I will attend the next seminar for sure.  I want more of that energy!!!!! "

" I have some news for you that might put a smile on your face.  Positive Energy is a VERY POWERFUL entity.  I hope everyone uses it for good things. Positive Energy has really been taking good care of me!!!  I have learned to use it for pain management.  When I have a pain that has been annoying me for awhile I just look inside myself and find some Positive Energy and direct it to the pain and through it and the pain disappears instantly!!!! It's wonderful!!! I am so glad that you told me about Positive Energy!  I have been almost pain free for about a month now. Only the pain that I haven't pointed the Energy to has bothered me and if it gets bad I just point the Positive Energy to the pain and It gets rid of the pain instantly!!!! "

"I found out something else ...  I went to my doctor and he told me I had to quit eating so much and lose some weight.  He said that it was very important that I do so else my heart wouldn't stand the strain of so much weight.  He said that he knew that it would be hard for me because I don't have much left that I can enjoy.  Only TV, my computer and my eating.  Anyway I kind of got depressed because I wasn't going to be able to enjoy eating again.  I found out that the Energy doesn't work good at all when you are depressed or at least not for me.  I felt that maybe I could use the Energy to get to feeling up again and not so depressed so I asked the Energy to make me feel good again and to be happy and immediately I felt a good feeling coming over me and I could smile again.  That is wonderful.  Now I can use the Energy to stop pain again!!
And get this, my wife came home from work the other day and said her legs were really hurting so I decided that it wouldn't hurt to try so I looked inside and gathered up as much Energy as I could and with my mind directed it to her backbone and on down into her legs.  I didn't ask her for awhile how she was feeling but when I did she said the pain was nearly gone.  I told her to thank her maker and the Energy for her relief and told her I would try again to remove all the pain.  As I had just started sending her some of my Energy she exclaimed, "It's gone!!!!" Then after a while I asked her if it was still gone and she said yes but she had some pain in her ankles.  I told her I would try to send her some Energy to get rid of that too.  Same thing...  As I had just started sending her some of my Energy she exclaimed, "The ankle pain's gone too!!!!"  Jenny, this is wonderful!!!! She attended the next live seminar that you gave online and said that she enjoyed it very much.   Jenny, I don't understand everything that is going on but I am deeply thankful to my Supreme Being, the Positive Energy, and to you for enlightenment.  I would have never found this concept except for you!!! You have been a blessing in my life!  

" I am still learning the different uses for the Positive Energy. The other day my sister was talking on the phone to my wife and said that she had a terrible backache.  She lives in Dothan, AL about 20 miles from here. I decided to see if Positive Energy could help her so I concentrated on gathering up as much as I could of it and directed it to a mental picture of my sister sitting in her living room and sent it into her upper backbone and little by little all the way down her back bone to her lower back and asked the Positive Energy to stop her pain. Before  my wife got off the phone with her I asked my wife to ask her about her back pain.  My sister said it was much better but she still had a small amount of it.  So I went through the routine again about sending the Positive Energy to help her. I did this about two more times and the next morning she called and said her back pain was gone. !!! I use a lot of that Positive Energy, to help myself and to help others. I hope that you are going to have another live seminar soon as I get lots more Positive Energy out of a live seminar than I do a recording. "

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