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If there is something that has always bothered me is people trying to film ghosts like its some type of adventure and joke.
I love the enthusiasm of trying to provide proof to the public of things that exist that we dont see, but these
things are not to be played with or mocked with, these things are real and energies cause real problems to families and lives. No need to go to deserted places, when the problem is in regular homes.

If you are involved with such a show you should have an ability to actually provide Help for these
entities and people living amongst them. If not its a pure joke and disrespect, and of course at your own risk dangerous.
Today there is growing negativity in the world and homes are easily occupied by negative entities, destroying families and lives.
With this show we will be able to mainly fill the home with positive energy so lives can go back to normal and take advantage
of the fact to film what happens. The priority is the home and the people, the well being.

There will only be one person to attend the walk in pitch black with the assistance of the property owner/s to shed a
light with a candel. That is it. Cameras will be posted with tripods to provide other angles and the walk shall not take more
than 20 minutes.

You will be surprised what might happen in such little time with the shock created when a person who emanates positive energy confronts negative energy.

Why Naked?
All bodies emit a energy radiation, but some have abilities to emanate constant positive energy.
The person emanating positive energy will be accompanied by the persons who live there because those
will emit their regular energy in their home, making entities feel comfortable to come out of hiding from the positive energy. Its a contradicting affect to be able to have bettere results

Things to keep in mind if your home has negativity:

Loud banging noises
Spontaneous Fighting
Spontaneous Rage
Constant Conflights
Exessive Lazyness
Feeling watched
Lacking intimacy
Rebellious acts
Constant illnesses

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