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What generates Energy?

Everything we do generates different types of energy. Our mind is energy; therefore what we think generates certain energy. You may think of something positive and generate positive energy; you think of something negative and generate negative energy. It’s really very simple, but yet to be practiced by most people. We are what we create of ourselves every day.

But if every thought creates certain energy and we think positive all of the time why do negative things still happen?

Actually, our thoughts generate a frequency of energy that is slightly the strength of that energy generated by our actions. If you meditate all day or think positive all day but then you go and make an act that generates negativity ex: (hate, promiscuity, anger, etc) well... be sure that that action just exploded with a generation of negative energy and took over. We all have a scale of energy, the negative and the positive, the important thing is to always have the balance of the scale higher on the positive energy side, don’t expect to have zero negativity because you are human, and it’s normal to make mistakes.

Strength in energy fromt strongest to beggining:

1. Act

2. Feeling/intention

3. Thought

Most people don’t even realize when they are generating negative energy, because even though they know good from bad they still haven’t got a clue on separating those actions that "seem good" from those that really "are good", people get carried away by the spur of the moment.

You can generate positive energy from a simple smile, a hug, being optimistic, a great attitude, helping others, being active, working on what you like, complimenting someone, planning future goals, aspiring a better future, progressing, and of course, the strongest energy of all; LOVE. The important thing is that you reinforce your thoughts with the feeling of wellness behind it and then of course the action of achieving it.

There is all types of love and they all generate positive energy. The love of a family member, of a friend, even a type of love from a stranger and the love of a soul mate.

The foundation of life is that which creates it: Making Love.

The strongest energy created in human form is the unity of one soul mate to another; The ultimate spark.

But did you know the strongest negative energy is likewise created by the unity of two people also... of course in this case unity of two people without love.

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