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What is energy?

Energy is something universal, something difficult to explain because it has no concrete explanation. It is around us, creating us, giving us life and reason from what we exist. It's what our parents generated at the time of conceiving. It's what we generate every day of our lives when we get out of bed, we generate with every action we have, good or bad. What gives us the power to BE. Energy is EVERYTHING.

Simply by that we will talk about how to understand it and how to handle it.

Every action and thought we have creates energy, if it is a positive action creates positive energy, if it is a negative action, create negative energy. We form the life in which we live. Since you wake up we make decisions, we decide what mood to be in, if we allow things to disturb us, or not. We decide, and every decision brings a consequence, good or bad. If you decide to wake up with a smile you will propose to yourself your day should be a happy day, but a smile does not define the whole day, it's only your first choice for the day, there will always be obstacles in life and you have the power to cope through them as you want.
If you fall out of your bed you decide either to laugh about it, or get angry and start the day with anger? Every action has a consequence of generating a particular energy. The more positive energy you generate, the more positive your day, and in the long run your life.

Why are we filled with negativity?

When you are a child you have no idea what it means to have concerns, responsibilities, stress, etc. We have a blank mind, we are a ready to learn and absorb like a sponge what the world has to teach us. The only way a child absorbs negativity is if it’s put in a situation of aggression and vulnerability that makes them open up to receive negative energies, all depends on the environment that the kid is raised in. But otherwise a child will live life up to the last minute in a positive way, because everything is ok for them, they are full of optimism.
Once we reach adolescence things tend to get a bit more complicated, here come the concerns of hormonal changes, grades, infatuation, etc. If there are no parents to provide ongoing support is very normal for a kid to begin to follow popular crowds. Nobody was born knowing how to be a father but nobody is born knowing anything, we are all here to learn. Repression of a teenager without support is usually enough to start taking inadequate decisions inadvertently and commit mistakes that will generate negativity. But this usually occurs after they surround themselves with a group of people who are also influenced by negative energy.

People radiate energy constantly; it’s a vibration than unloads to others. When you meet someone you know immediately if the person has a good or bad vibe. Humans have a sense of perception and you do not have to be spiritual to feel it, it’s the human instinct, which is often referred to as a hunch and not many times paid attention to. If you surround yourself with people that are constantly discharging their problems, complaining about everything, etc., they are just going to be discharging their negative energies to you, without realizing it. If you work in a place where there are many workers or attend to many people, you have to be aware that each of these people is radiating a different energy, everyone has their problems to worry about. It’s a normal human unload that happens unconsciously. So in general, everyone is loaded with at least a little bit of negativity, it’s inevitable, but also insignificant. Insignificant because what you can carry from where you work or who you surround yourself with is not enough to affect you too much in your life. The problem is when you keep charging yourself and start making bad decisions. Everything is related. The more loaded you are of negative energy, the more likely to fall under bad influences and make a mistake. Sure, we are not perfect and we are here to learn, to make mistakes. But when it comes to energy, the fewer mistakes we commit, the better we will be in the future, that’s why its important to have a good parental or mentor guidance.

The mistakes we have made that have generated negative energy need to be balanced, and there is only one way to oneself to do this, that’s with: Regret.
Many people hear this word and immediately block themselves, because we have a wrong image of this word as if to regret was something bad or negative. If you want to succeed in life and release your connection with negative energy generated through your mistakes well then you must be opened to regret, if not, its up to you, to keep living with your consequences and connection to those energies. It all lays in acceptance.

A person who makes a mistake but looks at it with optimism, learns from it, grows from it, makes sure they don’t do it again, Regrets it. They decide not to stay mourning and instead go on being strong; this is a person who will constantly generate positive energy. Regretting is a way of humbleness, as it is forgiving. If you harm your body, soul in any way with a mistake, you should feel remorse, because you love yourself and you would never consciously do anything to hurt yourself or your future. But you are entitled to feel remorse because you are human and we make mistakes, we are here to learn. Regretting makes you pure, innocent, positive and balances your negative energies created by mistakes.

When a person denies to regret a mistake is because they agree with it and they have probably reached a time in life where there is maybe just too many mistakes made and doesn’t want to acknowledge their failures, instead they thing "I don’t regret, it made me stronger". Sure it made you stronger, more experienced, but don’t you think you are covered in ego? You don’t need to learn to say sorry to others more than you need to start saying sorry to yourself. When a child does something wrong, they cry, because their innocence suffers, they wish to keep that innocence. Adults have just lost much of their innocence and are buried in hard life lessons so they become "tougher" as the time goes. But don’t you get it, we are human, we are allowed to be sensitive to release bad moments and let them go, not hold them in and add them to our "backpack". By saying you have learned from it doesn’t mean you have balanced those energies, they will still be there, the only fight you have to balance them with positive energies is to be humble and regret, or ask for forgiveness.  You will be surprised how much your life starts to change, I promise you.

Now, a person who makes a mistake, gets buried down in mistakes tends to disguise their errors by blaming others and does not accept them or learns from them, is a person who will never generate positive energy and more than likely stay stuck and keep sinking. To not focus on negative situations that happen to you does not mean you ignore them, but you learn to give them their due time and move forward, focusing your energy on positive things, that will take you ahead, but you need to release them, not ignore them.

Jenny Scordamaglia

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